Players Club

Loyalty rewards. Using Players Club card while playing you can collect points that you can use to get many prizes that have been chosen for you.
  • Players Club vouchers
    Redeem collected points into vouchers that you can use in our partnership restaurants.Collected points could also be used as a free stay in one of our partnership hotels. A number of needed points varies on a hotel’s current promotional price.

  • Rich prize drawings
    Redeem collected Players Club card points for a voucher that will allow you to participate in one of our rich prize drawings. By getting more points, you are able to get more vouchers which could get you a bigger chance to score one of the great prizes. 250 points = 1 voucher, 1000 points = 5 vouchers. Drawings are being held on: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • “Double points” promotion
    Every Sunday we are doubling up your fun. Playing from 13:00 to 24:00 hours you are collecting a double number of points. 

  • Players club showcase
    Redeem your Players Club points for one of many gifts from our showcase.

  • Checking your players club points
    You get to check a number of your collected points at any given time at our
    Players Card counter or by inserting your card into a slot machine.

  • Expiration of players card points
    Collected Players Club points are expiring every year on July 31 st.