Beautiful Istria

Istra is the westernmost County of the Republic of Croatia, the largest peninsula of the Adriatic, coast length is 445,1 km (well-indented coast is twice as long as the road one) The western coast of Istria is 242,5 km long, with islands 327,5 km (178,1 M). The eastern coast of Istria is 202,6 km long, with the pertaining islets 212,4 km (114,5 M).

Climate is mild, Mediterranean climate (warm and dry summers, mild and pleasant winters) Average amount of sunshine: 2.388 hours. Owing to the day’s length and plenty of clear days throughout the summer it has the longest insolation with a daily average of 10 hours in Istrian seaside resorts. Characteristic winds are “bura” (wind blowing from the north to the south, bringing clear weather), “jugo” (south, warm wind bringing rain) and “maestral” (summer breeze blowing from the land to the sea).


Umag – Umago, small town and port on the north-western coast of Istria, presents ‘Croatia’s gateway to Europe’. It also has the reputation of the Istrian sports centre, since as the host of the ATP tournament for many years now, it attracts numerous top world tennis players. Its beneficial features were already recognized by the Romans who turned it into their summer residence. The magnificence and splendour of those times today is reflected in the many Venetian houses in the old part of Umag. At a distance of only 40 kilometres from Trieste, 150 from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and 50 NM from Venice, Umag is a favourite holiday destination with extraordinary excursion possibilities. Umag’s hinterland offers newly discovered tourist attractions like mountaineering, caving and other chances for adventure enthusiasts.

CampingIN Stella Maris Umag

The interesting location of Camping IN Stella Maris allows you to fully enjoy the contents offered by the place and is ideal for tourists looking for an active holiday. The campsite boasts the proximity of 16 tennis courts, as well as beach volleyball and handball fields, and a rich offer of water sports, made possible by the extreme proximity to the sea. There are also playgrounds for children, where younger guests can have fun. Everyone will find something to their taste. Stella Maris Umag is the most visited destination during the ATP Croatia Open tournament. Not far from the campsite, guests can enjoy themselves in the clubs and bars on the beach, as well as at the concerts organized on the occasion of the famous ATP Party Night.